The story line at 7Fest is what sets it apart from the rest! There is a rich history to it and it is a great social commentary on the real world that we live in. Come to 7Fest to enjoy the music. Come to 7Fest to enjoy a whole new version of the world. Or come to 7Fest to enjoy both! The choice is yours! 


1. Where to start.

The best place to start with the storyline is to check out the content in the “Story” section of our website. There’s plenty to go through and discover & it will give you a great insight as to what is going on in the world of 7Fest.

2. How to be part of the story at the festival.

Whether you’re keen to get involved or just wish to watch from the sidelines, there is plenty of ways to interact with the storyline whilst at the festival. Upon entry to the festival, all ticket holders will receive a ballot token. This can be used to place your vote for which leader you wish to take charge of the settlement for future years. It’s up to you who you vote for, but you will only get one opportunity to do so. The ballot box will be open throughout the festival and the result will be announced once the festival is over and the votes have been counted. The result of this will affect the future of the storyline moving forward into future years of 7Fest.

Throughout the festival there will be ways to interact with the citizens of the settlement, try visiting as many places within the site as possible and speak to there people there. Alongside this, there will be a series of puzzles and tasks that you can carry out to further your adventure.

For those that wish to take a more spectator stance to the storyline, there will be events that unfold across the weekend for you to experience. Keep an eye out for these as they may severely effect the decision you make in casting your vote.

3. Creating a character.

At 7Fest, we would love people to really di

ve in to help with the immersion of the storyline. One of the best ways to do this, is to create your own character for the weekend. The main thing we would suggest for this, is rather than create a fantasy character, try to think about who you would be if you personally were to survive “The Great Unraveling” and become a citizen of the settlement. Bring your “future” self instead of an avatar. Perhaps you are a mechanic or engineer? How would your skill set aid you and others after the collapse of society? Maybe you are a tailor? Your character might be in charge of fixing the townsfolk’s clothing, bedding or tents.

We are urging people who wish to, to dive into the storyline as much as they can. The more people who are involved, the more immersive the festival will become. When creating your character for the festival, consider how life may have treated you in the events of the 7Fest world. What type of person would you become?

4. What clothing to wear.

Although there is no rules as to what people can wear at 7Fest, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your outfit(s). The story of 7Fest is set in the UK in the present day (somewhere between 2010-2025). Again, think about what this would look like, if you had to pack up and leave your house for the wilderness that remained outside. What sort of thing would you take with you? What clothing would you wear or pack? How long would you have these items before you were able to clean or repair them?

When putting your outfit(s) together, remember, the likelihood of the UK after the collapse of society in our current age looking like something from “Mad Max” or “Fallout” is incredibly slim. There would be a lot less spikes, chains & toxic waste, but instead more sensible & practical means of survival. There would be very minimal use of guns, but more likely items like axes, bow and arrows, spears etc. Although, there is no right or wrong way to dress for this event, the more accurate people can be with their choices, again, will add to the immersion of the event.

One big thing to consider when choosing your outfit(s) is the practicality it would serve under the circumstances. If you’re character is scavenger for the settlement, there’s a bigger chance that they would be wearing something lightweight and durable that offered some protection, maybe they would use a bag that was easily accessible like a satchel rather than a huge Burgan.

Disclaimer: Please do not bring any (items that may be deemed) offensive weapons onto the festival site. Anything considered to be offensive will be confiscated by festival security.

5. What to bring to get involved.

Nothing. Getting involved with the tasks/puzzles doesn’t require any additional items, however it may be wise to have some means of recording some notes or observations that you encounter to help you work out any mysteries that may arise. But keep an eye on our website & social media pages for updates/changes.

6. How to get involved before the festival.

In the run up to the festival, keep a close look out on our website & social media pages for interactive ways to influence the storyline & take part.

7. The British Post-apUKalypse?

7Fest is based in a world we are dubbing as "The British Post-ApUKalypse". A sub genre of the post-apocalyptic fiction. For more information about this click here.

8. Have a question?

if you want to find out more, feel free to head to our contact page to get in touch!

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